Release: 0.0.42

Release: 0.0.42

In this release, we focus primarily on fixing bugs and improving stability.


  1. The dashboard has an improved & faster page-loading experience for all the tables.
  2. The CommandK services now run as a non-root user, restricting access only to what’s needed to run CommandK.
  3. Communication with the AWS Secret Manager is optimized, reducing the number of API calls to the Secret Manager.


1. We fixed a minor bug that incorrectly displayed the user’s name.

Steps to update

You can run the following command to upgrade to the latest version:

helm repo update &&
helm upgrade commandk commandk/commandk - values <values-file> - namespace <commandk-namespace> - version v0.0.42

The newest tag for this release is:



To troubleshoot the upgrade, please follow the FAQ document provided at If you run into any issues, please get in touch with the CommandK team on your Slack connect channel.

Ready to start using

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