Important Notice

We have made the tough decision to close our company effective March 26th. This journey, filled with unique challenges and achievements, would not have been possible without our dedicated team, loyal users, esteemed customers, and supportive investors.

Each of you played a pivotal role in our story, and for that, we are profoundly thankful. As we say farewell, we carry forward the lessons learned and the cherished moments shared.

Thank you for being part of our adventure.

Take back control of your secrets.

CommandK Secrets gives you secret management best practices to enhance security and improve developer productivity

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IND Money
Delta Exchange
// Manage Secrets, Not Infra

Manage secrets, not the infrastructure

All your secrets in one place.

A central dashboard to manage all your secrets across all your environments and cloud providers. No more hunting through your codebase for that rogue secret that needs to be changed.

Your Secrets. Your Infrastructure.

Your secrets never leave your cloud, so your secrets remain secrets.

Get going in 5 minutes.

Onboard your services and set up secret delivery; with no code changes.

// Move fast, stay secure

Move fast and stay secure

Say goodbye to infinite ways of consuming secrets

No more setting up env files, injecting secrets during build time, or sharing them over Slack. CommandK delivers secrets to your services when they need them.

Get complete control over who has access

Manage access with Role-based access control. Give access based on teams and applications they work on.

// Monitor proactively, stay compliant

Don't just detect leaks; prevent them

Health Checks that keep you compliant

Proactive monitoring to detect old, duplicate, and hardcoded secrets. Get alerts about critical vulnerabilities.

Fix issues in a jiffy

Automatically create a Jira ticket or even better, a GitHub PR, to fix your issues.

Stay on top of all activities

Get audit logs for changes to secrets, infrastructure, roles, and teams. From the beginning of time till the end.

Go live in 5 minutes. Across any stack

Go live with 0 code change

Add us to your cloud and we handle everything else.

Or use our SDKs for flexibility

We have SDKs for Java, Python, and many others in the roadmap. Using something we don't support? Get started with our HTTP APIs in 5 minutes.

See how CommandK Secrets compares

Check out how CommandK compares to other secret management solutions. We help you compare based on ease of getting started, developer experience, features, and pricing.


Trusted by startups and enterprises

01 / 02

As an options trading platform, protecting sensitive data is one of our highest priorities. But every secret management tool that we used ended up creating bottlenecks.

CommandK Secrets helped us secure all our secrets and actually improve our developer productivity by removing all bottlenecks.

Peter Parker

Product Manager at Air bnb

Delta Exchange
02 / 02

Being a financial services company that partners with 100s of other financial services companies, protecting secrets was super important and one of our biggest pain points.

We were pleasantly surprised when CommandK just set up our whole secret management infra in less than 5 minutes.

Peter Parker

Product Manager at Air bnb

IND Money