CommandK raises $3M to become the command center of data security.

CommandK raises $3M to become the command center of data security.

We are excited and proud to share that CommandK has raised $3M in seed funding, led by one of the best developer infrastructure investors — Lightspeed. We are humbled to have their support and welcome them as our partners in this journey.

Our Story

Rohan & I started CommandK last year, in June 2022.

As engineers, we remain bullish that every company on the planet will be a software company. Over the years, writing software has become a lot easier. Access to numerous open-source tools and commercial software has aided companies to move faster!

As we build more software, we generate tonnes of new sensitive data — such as users’ PII data (Phone number, Email, etc.), secrets (API Keys, Passwords, etc.), and business-sensitive data (such as financial numbers). The sensitive data needs an additional security grade to protect them from being misused or leaked. The burden of building these tools often falls on the developers, who cobble together multiple DIY point solutions.

However, the pressure on developers to continue shipping faster & the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape means that the company’s overall security posture keeps falling behind, leading to uncontrolled sprawl vulnerable to data breaches.

In 2022 alone, companies spent almost $5M in a single instance of a data breach¹. About half of the breaches involved leaked sensitive data.

We started with a goal to bridge the gap between developers wanting to ship code faster and the capabilities required to write secure code.

Our Product

CommandK provides companies with a ready-to-deploy infrastructure to protect sensitive data at standards that best-in-class companies adopt globally.

CommandK covers the entire lifecycle of sensitive data management: starting with scanning & cataloging sensitive data, giving a single API to developers to protect data, and controlling access to sensitive data via easy-to-define policies.

One of our core tenets at CommandK is to build security as an invisible fabric in the Dev workflow.

Companies instantly get all the capabilities to become Day-1 operationally ready to manage sensitive data.

Companies also deploy CommandK within their VPCs, allowing them complete control over sensitive data storage. CommandK’s architecture ensures that sensitive data never leaves your cloud network.

We launched our private beta in December 2022 and are gradually onboarding more companies from our waitlist. Please join our waitlist if you want to use CommandK.

Our Team

We are a small group of 7 team members. We are passionate about building software that will impact millions of people worldwide.

We are a remote-first company. You can check our current job openings here:

Our Investors & Advisors

Lightspeed led our seed round. Lightspeed has been an early investor in many successful developer companies, including Supabase, Hasura, Grafana, Nutanix, Rubrik, and more.

Our seed round also saw participation from Mango Capital and All In Capital.

Additionally, we have onboarded a fantastic set of angel investors & advisors, including Jon Gelsey (ex-CEO Auth0), Sundeep Peechu (GP, Felicis Ventures), Pratyus Patnaik (Sr. Engineering Leader, Okta), Akash Saxena (ex-CTO, Disney+ Hotstar), Abinash Tripathy (Co-Founder, Helpshift), Jitendra Agrawal (ex-CTO, Cars24), Sunil Rayan (ex-CEO, Disney+ Hotstar), Nirmal Utwani (Sr. Engineering Leader, Amplitude) and more.

Please check our website to know more:

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