We are in Public Beta

We are in Public Beta

After two months of being in closed beta with a select few customers, we are happy to announce that we are opening up our Beta program to the public.

Why we're building CommandK

A modern-day architecture requires secret "management" capabilities far beyond just simply storing it securely.

You need a true centralisation of secrets, an efficient & simple to implement access control mechanism, ability to securely share secrets with workloads & developers.

More importantly, you need to be in complete control over your secrets all the time to ensure you have a leak-proof system. Without it, you start losing control over your secrets, as your company scales!

Unfortunately, existing secret managers are simply glorified secure storage tools.

You choose to build all of this internally, and a lot of companies have attempted this, but you'd end up spending months of development effort and a whole other product to maintain.

This is where CommandK comes in. CommandK is a secrets security platform that allows you to manage your secrets end to end. We help you implement all secret management best practices. Out of the box.


Things that matter to us

CommandK is built around the following core tenets

Great Developer Experience

Companies often think that great security comes at the cost of developer experience, but we all know that if we don't make the right thing the easy thing to do, developers will end up taking shortcuts.

CommandK is a developer-first secrets manager, which means that you get state-of-the-art secret management and great developer experience. The right thing is the easy thing to do.

True Centralisation

As your team grows, your secrets start sprawling to every possible component in your infrastructure. Your systems are so fragile that you are just one leak away from leaking sensitive data!

With CommandK, you get a central dashboard to manage all your secrets across all your environments and cloud providers. So now you get complete visibility over which applications use which secret.

You can even configure the team that owns a particular app. So teams only work with secrets that they need to.

Instant setup

The biggest problem with adopting a secrets security platform is that it usually takes anywhere between 4 and 6 months. Your platform is not secure until all your apps have been migrated.

CommandK allows you to onboard all your GitHub repositories and instantly connect with various infrastructure providers (such as Kubernetes) to deliver secrets. This allows you to have a state-of-the-art Secret Management Practice set up in just under 5 minutes!

Feature Releases in this version

In this beta, we are releasing the following features:

Bulk Import Secrets via CLI

Import all your secrets in one go using CLI or add them manually one by one to test the waters 😁

Kubernetes Integration

We have spent significant time natively integrating CommandK with Kubernetes. The integration discovers all your applications and namespaces in less than 2 minutes. With True Centralisation, you get a single control plane to manage secrets across all Kubernetes clusters.


Consume Secrets via API or SDKs

You can also consume secrets using our APIs, CLI app, or using one of the many language-specific SDKs. Check out our docs for more information.

Role-Based Access Controls

You can easily implement various RBAC policies to ensure that developers only get access to the secrets that belong to their team. Assign and manage teams from our dashboard, no more writing complex policy docs.

Support for fine-grained Attribute-Based Access Controls is coming soon to give your developers more flexibility with managing secrets.

Extensive Audit Logs

Every action in CommandK is logged. This helps your compliance team audit actions and take necessary precautions.

While you can filter and download audit logs, very soon you'll be able to push the audit logs to your SIEM tool as well.

Today we are opening CommandK for public-beta for you to experience our product in your environment. CommandK is completely self-serviced and managed, so you can get started in just under 5 minutes.

CommandK is fully production-ready and is already being used at companies operating in highly regulated environments.

During the public beta phase, we will focus on improving the stability of the platform and add more features to further simplify secrets management. Additionally, our focus is to complete our SOC-2 certification this month.

All our plans are free as long as we are in Beta and after that we'll move to fully usage-based pricing, so you only pay for the value you get.  If you are a startup or just want to use CommandK for your small projects, we'll continue to offer a very generous free tier. Our pricing plans are very transparent and you can find more details on our website.

Get Started with CommandK here.

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